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 SWT Server Rules

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PostSubject: SWT Server Rules   SWT Server Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 17, 2014 9:46 am

Camping is defined as staying in one place and waiting for opposite team member to come along then kill him. If you are afk for a few seconds then stand in corner and face the wall or ask admin to spec you. Tactical waiting is allowed. Tactical waiting can be defined as either a)Having a team mates cam on and knowing that a member of the opposite team will be passing your way very shortly. b) hearing footsteps and waiting for person to pass. c) covering a teammate while he/she arrests or is stunned. Please use your common sense as to what is and what is not classed as camping.

You are not permitted to nade, spray, shoot or taze any person that has just respawned. If you run into an area where people have just spawned either run in a different direction or allow yourself to be killed.

It is allowed to shot through the window to kill someone ONLY if you are passing that window AND you are not shooting someone that has only just spawned. YOU MUST NOT WAIT IN WINDOW (see no camping rule above).

I understand that sometimes things can get a little frustrating so the occasional word like sh*t is allowed of course but please bear in mind we are a clan and a server that cater for people of all ages. So please try and keep the swearing to a minimum.

Glitching is highly frowned upon by all good clans. Glitching can be defined as moving to an area which is not strictly part of the map, or a part of the map which is a design fault. Or moving to an area which makes yourself invisible or hard to spot or away from the general layout of the normal map boundaries.

If you are using any modifications to enable you to gain more points then you will be banned from our servers and named and shamed on our website and also your ip will be given to other Swat 4 clans AND you will be also reported to hackhunters which will keep your name, location and Ip in a database and will allow clans from MANY other online games to ban you from their servers.
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SWT Server Rules

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